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The most recent trends in cybersecurity

  A high level of risk accompanies a correspondingly high level of convenience brought to modern society by IT.
Daily, there are reports of security incidents appearing on the news or in newspapers.

Viruses/Ransomware/Malware/targeted cyber attack/supply chain attack Viruses Ransomware Malware targeted cyber attack supply chain attack

Shortage of human resources in the cybersecurity field

  Human resources with expert skills are required in the cybersecurity field to counteract the threats discussed above. However, according to the “Survey Results Related to the Latest Trends and Future Estimates for IT Human Resources,” a shortage of human resources in the cybersecurity field is a growing trend, and this is expected to become even more severe as we approach 2030. Moreover, at the Cyber Security Policy Conference stated that in addition to “IT vendors, corporations, and organizations knowledge of cybersecurity,” the “necessity of human resources with advanced specialties and special abilities” was also required.
  In the current situation where IT has extended its reach to every corner of modern society, approaches for secure cybersecurity and the attainment of knowledge in the cybersecurity field are essential when nurturing human resources.