K-SEC National Institute of Technology KOSEN Security Educational Community

Main activities

Creation of human resource image and curriculum

  By defining the skills and level to be acquired with respect to the demands of people they will come into contact with, such as corporations and universities, we can clarify the type of the resources we need from technical colleges to produce in large numbers. We have organized respective skill maps for both foundational education and top resources and have drawn up the curriculum and syllabus to learn cybersecurity.

Creation of teaching materials and rollout to colleges nationwide

  We have created the “basic course materials for all departments” for learning security basics and “course materials for information-based students.” In the “course materials by specialist field” within “basic course materials for all departments,” we have prepared case-based learning content for acquiring security knowledge useful in real society. Additionally, the “K-SEC Caravan Team,” composed of volunteer teachers, is engaged in introducing teaching materials and providing classroom support. The K-SEC public site provides support for course materials, the model core curriculum (MCC), introduction, etc., to educational practices using the course materials.

Deployment of security exercise-based course materials

To make students realize the necessity of cybersecurity, we are promoting the introduction of exercise-based course materials modeled on actual practice. We have prepared course materials wherein students can enjoy and experience cybersecurity through exercises where they try to attack and defend in a Cloud environment and board game format exercises or card games in the IoT field.

Preparation of the security exercise bases

A security exercise environment was established, as a base for cybersecurity education in each block, at five base colleges and five practical colleges. Using these exercise environments through lessons, extra-curricular activities, events, etc., we are communicating the importance of cybersecurity and human resource education. In 2018, we established and re-established environments in 10 colleges and plan to further enhance their educational environments.

Holding contests and conducting advanced resource nurturing courses and other activities

Since 2016, we have held a yearly security contest nationwide wherein students can utilize their knowledge of informatics and cybersecurity technology acquired in college. Additionally, using long vacations, residential-type advanced resource nurturing courses, lectures, etc. aimed at students within each block, we plan to support the increasing skill level of students.

Holding training courses and workshops

We are holding “training sessions for information education faculty” to understand cybersecurity issues and cases and “lectures for information-based faculty” for obtaining more advanced and specialized knowledge and technology. Additionally, we have been holding lectures to educate the teaching staff throughout the country on cybersecurity awareness and workshops introducing content that will be useful in the educational field.

Forming security-related communities

We are working to form communities of teaching personnel centered around activities within each block to continue high-quality cybersecurity education and form links between faculty members. Additionally, we are using events to develop lively interactions among students. In 2018, we started the distribution of a mail magazine for colleges throughout the country. We have also started distributing information using Yammer (internally) and Twitter (externally) with the objective of transmitting information promptly.

Connections between security-related external organizations

We are promoting collaborations with external organizations, such as corporations, public institutions, etc., to nurture college students who have acquired security knowledge and human resources and attained advanced cybersecurity skills. We are actively holding training sessions and contests, as well as providing internships, which are supported by these international organizations. We are also organizing and promoting knowledge and skills that need to be acquired by students.