K-SEC National Institute of Technology KOSEN Security Educational Community

Human resources to be continually produced by the
National Institute of Technology in great numbers

1.Qualitative improvements

Outstanding cybersecurity personnel

  The aim is to produce a large number of high-level resources who have graduated from technical colleges with the advanced skills required for a cybersecurity specialist. We shall also create opportunities for students of National Institute of Technology to gain more advanced skills and learn the latest trends and cutting-edge technology through collaborations with external cybersecurity specialist organizations.
2.Quantitative expansion

National Institute of Technology students who gain security knowledge systematically

  To become technicians capable of considering “what needs to be protected?” in the specialist field, we aim to help the students gain awareness regarding security and technology that should be possessed by experts in engineering fields, such as machinery, construction, civil engineering, electronics/electricity, materials, and life sciences. We also aim to have information technology engineers learn the cybersecurity technology needed in society.
Human resources acquiring advanced technology as security specialists:1%,
                        Human resources acquiring security technology that needs to be possessed by information technology engineers:20%,
                        Human resources acquiring security technology that needs to be possessed by specialists in non-information-based engineering fields:80%